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The Perfect Rehabilitation Partner for Patients and Hospitals

Therapy services have the potential to be the second-biggest revenue generator for your hospital. That’s why our mission at EnduraCare Acute Care is to navigate your organization through the industry’s drivers of change while remaining committed to value-based care.

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Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Outsourcing to EnduraCare will transform your hospital into the leading rehabilitation and therapy provider in your community by:

  • Increasing revenue, efficiency, productivity and value in your facility.
  • Giving patients dependable, proven rehabilitation services they won’t get anywhere else.
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Opportunity Analysis

Complete our risk-free, no-cost opportunity analysis to learn how EnduraCare can generate huge revenue and significantly reduce costs through proven therapy and rehab services. 

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The leading rehabilitation provider

Proven Therapy Services

Since 1981, we have teamed with hospitals across the country to provide dedicated, effective and nurturing rehabilitation services to thousands of patients each year. From post-acute rehabilitation to traditional inpatient/outpatient therapy, we ensure every patient gets the care they need and deserve – no matter where they are on the path to recovery.

As the most trusted name in therapy program management, EnduraCare is the nation’s largest privately held provider of hospital-based therapy services and rehabilitation program management. Our unique, proprietary systems enable us to manage every aspect of rehabilitation management, in real time.

Working With EnduraCare

Over a seven-year period, EnduraCare Acute Care helped a healthcare facility on the East Coast grow its outpatient procedures by over 30% per year.

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Risk-Free, No Cost

Opportunity Analysis

Complete our risk-free, no-cost opportunity analysis to learn how EnduraCare can generate huge revenue, and significantly reduce costs, through proven therapy and rehab services. 

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